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What does StimBroker do?

StimBroker makes it really easy to control an e-stim (erotic electro stimulation) box over the internet. Instead of having to worry about firewalls and other complicated stuff, you just use a compatible app at each end, and enter your StimBroker id, and the id of the person you want to connect with. There's no other configuration needed. Because the computers at each end are connecting outwards, to StimBroker, they usually won't have any problems. StimBroker connects them together, passing messages between them. As far as each end is concerned, it's no different from connecting to a web site.

What e-stim boxes is it compatible with

At the moment, StimBroker is compatible only with the E-Stim Systems 2B™ Power Box. You'll also need the Digital Link cable for the 2B, and a compatible app.

Can you add support for the ET-312B

Unfortunately not. It's an old box, and the control protocols for it are not publicly available. You can remotely control it via a piece of software called SmartStim, though.

What software do I need

All the apps listed here are compatible with StimBroker. Note that if you have older versions of these apps, you may need to update them to at least version 2.4 to work with StimBroker. You will need one app at the 'slave' end, linked to the 2B electro box, and either another app at the 'master' end, which will be controlling the 2B remotely, or someone using the LiveStim web page on this site. You can use any combination of the apps.
For Windows, Macintosh or Linux
You need the Estim Control/Server app. This provides similar features to the Commander app from E-Stim Systems, and adds the ability to store favourite settings, and to connect using StimBroker. Download from this page.
For Android
You need the estim4android app, a compatible version of which is available here. Note that to install it, you may need to change security settings on your phone to allow installation of apps from 'non-trusted' sources. In addition to the app itself, if you want to connect your phone or tablet to the 2B via a Digital Link Cable, the device needs to support USB On The Go (USB OTG, or Host Mode), and you will need a suitable USB OTG adaptor cable. Alternatively, if you have sufficient expertise, you can connect from an Android device to a 2B with a home-made Bluetooth adaptor. If you are only planning to use the phone in 'master' mode, you don't need any additional adaptors and cables. If you have installed a previous version, you may need to uninstall it before installing this one.

Is there an iPhone version

No, sorry. Not at the moment. It may be possible to use an iPhone to control a 2B remotely in future, but because of limitations imposed by Apple, it won't be possible to link an iPhone to a 2B via USB or Bluetooth.

What's the difference between E-Stim's Connect service and StimBroker

E-Stim Connect is a free service from E-Stim Systems, the creator of the 2B that, like StimBroker, is designed to make remote stimming very easy. With E-Stim Connect, you run a special program on your PC or Mac that links to the Connect service, and someone else can control your box via a web page, when you send them a link with a special 'Connect Key', which is different for every session.

StimBroker works in a similar way, but is only free for two weeks, after which you need to make a donation to carry on using it. With StimBroker, as well as allowing someone to control your box via a web page, it also allows them to use one of my compatible apps on their computer or Android phone. That means that, via StimBroker, you can use all of the features of those apps remotely, including chat between users, saving favourite settings, and even setting up a long sequence of different settings as a sort of 'playlist.'

Additionally, if you regularly play with the same person, with StimBroker they can save the settings and connect to you whenever they want; with E-Stim Connect, the Connection Key is only valid for four hours at a time, so you'll need to pass it on to them each time.

E-Stim Connect is a great way to experiment with remote play, completely free of charge. StimBroker adds extra features that advanced players may find useful, like built in chat, and the ability to talk with people before choosing to connect to them. Since version 2.6.0 of Estim Control/Server, you can use the app to take control of a 2B that has been linked to the E-stim Connect service, just by entering the link created by the Connect app.

Setting up StimBroker

How do I set up the apps

Decide which end of the connection wil be master, and which will be slave. Each end will also need to use a different id. You can connect between any two primary ids, or between your primary id and your secondary id, in either direction. I recommend that you first test to make sure that you can control the 2B from the computer or phone directly connected to it, before trying to set up remote stim.
Estim Control/Server

Open the Preferences window, and select Master or Slave. Click the StimBroker panel to select it, and enter your id and PIN. Make sure the box marked 'Use StimBroker' is ticked. If you want to change auto-connect settings, click the Advanced button, and on the following screen you can specify an id to connect to automatically, or for slave mode, the ids from which you want to automatically accept or reject connections. The Advanced button (or Users & Profile on the StimBroker menu) also allows you to set a short descriptive profile that will be shown to other users.

Click Done to save your preferences, and then click the Connect button.

Estim Control/Server

Tap the cog icon at the top right of the screen, and choose Settings.

For slave mode, set the Connection type to USB, then tap the remote control icon, and select StimBroker from the options after ticking 'Enable control via'. Enter your id, PIN and profile in the Stim Broker settings panel (accessed via the cloud icon). If you want to add users for auto-connect or reject options, tap the user icon.

For master mode, set the Connection type to StimBroker, and enter your id, PIN and profile in the panel below. Again, you can set auto-connect options by tapping the user icon.

In both cases, after you've set your options, tap Save, and then on the main screen in the app, tap the Online button to connect. Note that the Android app now has a slightly different look on the settings screen. Click the cloud icon to access StimBroker settings.


What's the difference between a primary id and a secondary id

A primary id - the email you created your account with - can request a connection with any StimBroker user's primary id, or with their own secondary id. A secondary id is automatically created for you when your StimBroker account is set up, and each secondary id can connect only with its associated primary id. We create a secondary id so that if you want to remote stim, you don't need to create a second StimBroker account for each end of the connection.

What happens when I connect to StimBroker

Broadly speaking, when you connect to StimBroker, the service will first check that you are able to use it (ie that you are within a free trial period, or have recently donated). Then it will facilitate the connection between a master and a slave device, before stepping back and simply passing all the information between them. In more detail:
When a primary id connects in master mode
Your app will show you a list of other StimBroker users connected, listing the nicknames of other primary ids, and your secondary id, if that is connected. You can then select from the people listed, to request a connection to them, which they may accept or reject. If you have used the 'autoconnect' option, your app will automatically connect to the id you specified.
When a primary id connects in slave mode
Your app will wait for an incoming connection. If another primary id, or your secondary id, attempts to connect, you will be asked if you want to accept the connection (unless you have listed it in your autoconnect options)
When a secondary id connects in master mode
Your app will alert you if your primary ID is online, and if you have autoconnect set up, it will attempt to connect to it.
When a secondary id connects in slave mode
Your app will wait for an incoming connection from your primary id.

Does the secondary id always have to be the slave

No, not at all. It depends on you. For example, you might like to be on the receiving end of electro, and be allowed to play with other people, while your partner is only interested in playing with you. In that situation, it would make sense for you to use the primary id, allowing you to connect with other StimBroker users, and for your partner to use the secondary id, since that will always connect to you. When you send someone a link to connect to the LiveStim web page, they'll always be connecting with your secondary id.

Do other StimBroker users get to see my email address

No. When you connect to StimBroker, you can choose a nickname, which will appear in the list of users available. If you don't specify one, we'll use the part of your email address before the @ symbol. So, if your address was, we'd show your nickname as kinky

Does my nickname have to be unique

Strictly speaking, no. But we will warn you if it is not, because when you connect to StimBroker, if you see two identical nicknames in the list of users, you won't be able to tell which is which. So, we strongly recommend that if you see a warning that one of your nicknames is not unique, you change it.

Do I need to sign in to the web site to connect

No. This website is primarily used to register for an account, and to allow you to make donations to extend your access to StimBroker. As long as your access has not expired, you don't need to sign in to the site. Just connect via the apps. If you wish, you can use the LiveStim page to connect to someone. If you are signed in and visit the LiveStim page, you will connect using your primary id.

Can I control someone via the website

Yes. The LiveStim page allows you to control someone from a web browser (including some mobile browsers). You can even access favourite settings they have stored on their computer, and if they are using Estim Control/Server, you can set up sequences of settings, or even random loops.

Can someone else control my box via the website

Yes. On your account page, you'll see your own LiveStim link. You can copy this link and send it to other people however you like - in an email, via WhatsApp, or posted on your website. When they open it, they'll see the LiveStim page and automatically be conneced using your secondary ID. They will only be able to connect to you, not to any other users, so you must set up your software to use your primary id. There is no need to the other person to install any software, or set any options, other then clicking the link, then clicking Connect & Stim. It's the simplest way to let someone take control of your 2B.

Can I stop someone controlling my box?

Yes; you can always change the PIN via your account page, which will stop anyone with your primary or secondary id from signing in to StimBroker using it. To stop someone using the LiveStim page, click on the account page to reset the LiveStim link, which will replace it with a new link. If you change your nickname, that will also stop any existing LiveStim links from working.

Can I share my StimBroker id

We recommend that you do not share your primary id (the email address you used to sign up). However you can share your secondary id if you wish, for example to allow a friend to connect and control your electro box. However, note that each id can be signed on only once, so if you give lots of people your secondary id, only one of them will be able to sign on at a time.

Can I get multiple secondary ids

Not yet, but I'm working on this. For example, if you are a professional Dom/Domme, you might like to control different people at different times, and have assign them each a different secondary id. That would ensure only you could connect to their electro boxes, and you would know which one was connected at any time. If you're interested, email me.

Is StimBroker free

The apps that use StimBroker are free, and when you register on this site, you will get access to StimBroker for two weeks. After that, if you want to continue using the service, you should make a donation.

Why should I make a donation

Donations help cover the costs of operating the server, and of the time spent in creating the apps that work with StimBroker, which has been quite considerable. All the apps allow you to make direct connections via the internet, but you'll have to configure your own firewall settings yourself (and I can't offer free advice - there are just too many different routers and firewalls around). By making a donation - which works out at less than the cost of a pint or bottle of poppers per month - you'll be able to connect to other users much more easily, and you'll get a warm fuzzy glow from supporting someone who's making useful apps for kinky people.

I want to give you lots of money. How much access do I get

If you give £40 or more, then you'll receive access to StimBroker for 12 months. If you really want to make a big donation, feel free, but if it's all done in one go, you'll still only get one year's access. However, if you made two donations one after the other (say £50 each time) then the first one would add a year to your expiry date, and the second one would add another year.

Is my information safe

Yes. StimBroker uses secure connections to protect all the information sent to and from the web site and the StimBroker service. We don't keep a record of the commands that you send to or receive from someone else. Limited logs are kept for seven days to assist with troubleshooting connections. We've tried hard to make sure that no one can use pages like the login, password reset or registration screens to find out if your email is registered with StimBroker.

Where can I get more help

I recommend you register with the official E-Stim Sytems forum, where you can get help from them, and if you have questions about my apps or this site, you can ask in the 3rd Party Software section.

Where can I find people to stim?

Again, a good place to start is the E-Stim Systems forum, where there is a Personals section. There is also a Personals section on the SmartStim site. From version 2.5 of Estim/Control Server or eStim4Android, and the February 2018 update to StimBroker, you can also chat to other users before making a connection, and include a short profile text to describe yourself when you connect. Make sure you have the latest software, then connect to StimBroker, request the list of users, and click to send a message to someone. You can only message people who are also using compatible software, and you can't message someone who is already connected to another user.

In eStim4aAndroid, the list of users and the chat window will appear automatically when you connect to StimBroker

Still stuck?

Send an email to hello @ and I'll do my best to help.