Try StimBroker

What you'll need

To try out StimBroker, here's what you'll need:

  • An Estim Systems 2B™ Power Box electro box
  • The Digital Link cable for the box
  • Apps for each end of the connection, which support StimBroker

At present, the following apps are compatible with StimBroker, and can be used in any combination (eg Mac master, Android slave, or Linux master, Windows slave):

All these apps are free and can be downloaded from the links above. If you already have the apps, check to make sure you have version 2.4 or above, for each one. Earlier versions used a previous version of StimBroker, which is no longer in service. Version 2.4.1 is the minimum preferred version, as it includes a menu option to check for updates. If you're using an Android device in slave mode, you may also need a cable adaptor to link it to the Digital Link cable for the 2B, or a home-made Bluetooth adaptor. You can read more about the requirements here. If you are using firmware vesrion 2.105 on your 2B you will need at least version 2.4.2 of Estim Control/Server. If you are using firmware version 2.107 you will need at least version 2.4.6 of Estim Control/Server.

From February 2018, StimBroker has an updated protcol that adds new features. These include

  • Brief user profiles. This allows users to add a short text like 'Gay man, looking for someone to control my 2b' which can be seen by other users
  • User to user chat. This works before a connection is made to someone's e-stim unit, so if after seeing someone's profile you are interested in them, you can easily have a discusssion with them
  • Broadcast messages. This is a feature that allows the server to send a message to all connected users, for example if maintenance is necessary.

The new features are supported by Estim Control/Server version 2.5 and above, and by the LiveStim web page. Other apps will be updated soon. Older versions will continue to work but won't see user profile information, or be able to take part in chats.

View the changelog for Estim Control/Server

Additionally, you can control a 2B connected to one of the apps above using the LiveStim page on this site, or you can send someone a link that they can use to connect to you, via the same page, without having to install any software.

How to get started

Once you have all the bits, I recommend you check that you can control your 2B from your own computer or phone, before going any further. Then, you need to fill in your email address below to register for a StimBroker account. We'll send you a confirmation email with a link to activate your account and set a password. Once that's done you can sign in to the site using the link at the top of any page.

You can try StimBroker free of charge for two weeks, to see if you find it useful. After that, I ask you for donations, to help me keep the site running, and develop the apps. If you donate at least £10, you'll get six weeks access to StimBroker. If you donate at least £25, you'll get six months of access. If you donate £40 or more, you'll get twelve months access. That works out at about a pint of beer a month, if you're wondering.

Yes, you could just find another email address, and register again, but please don't. I've spent many hours writing these apps, since releasing the first versions in 2012. The apps will always be free, but donating for access to StimBroker makes your life easier, and mine more full of beer. Thank you.

There's a quick guide to getting started with the desktop app and the LiveStim web page.

Your StimBroker ids

When you create an account on StimBroker, you'll have two ids. The first - your primary account - is the email address you use to register, and with this you can ask to connect to any other StimBroker user who has connected with their primary account. Obviously, StimBroker is useless without someone to connect to, so we'll also give you a secondary account id. This can only make connections via StimBroker to your primary id, in either direction. You can share this secondary id with other people, so they can connect to your box, or you can connect to theirs, so a single StimBroker account is all you need to set up both ends of the connection.

If you send someone your LiveStim link - which you'll see on your account page when you've signed in to the site - they'll be able to click on that to connect to StimBroker from a web browser - even on a mobile phone -and control your 2B without having to install anything at their end.

Ready to start?

Just fill in your email address below, and click the Register button below. Keep an eye on your email - check the spam folder if you don't see anything - for our message. When it arrives, click the link to confirm your email address and create a password for your StimBroker account. If you still have questions, check the FAQ.

If you don't receive anything, it's possible that the email address is already registered, or the owner may have asked for it to be blocked from registering. However we can't tell you the reason, to protect the privacy of account holders.

Create a StimBroker account