Welcome to StimBroker

Remote estim made easy - in 10 steps

If you just want to get going with remote stim, here's the quick and simple guide using my Estim Control/Server software and the service provided by this site.

Step 1

Download the app and install it on your computer - there are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux on this page.

Step 2

Test the app in 'solo' mode to make sure that it can control your 2B electro box.

Step 3

Register on this site, by entering your email on this page, and clicking Register.

Step 4

When you get a confirmation email, click the link it contains, set a password, and then sign in to StimBroker. You'll be taken straight to yourr Account Page.

Step 5

On your Account Page, you'll see your primary ID (the email you registered with) and your PIN. Enter these into the Preferences of Estim Control/Server, and tick the box marked 'Use StimBroker' - you can see more details on the FAQ page.

Step 6

If you want, you can choose a different nickname for your ids. Enter the new nicknames, and click Update Nicknames.

Step 7

Next copy the LiveStim link from your Account page - it's the blue text that says Right click or long tap here - and send it to a friend via email, WhatsApp or whatever other way you like.

Step 8

Attach your electrodes, then click the Connect button in Estim Control/Server to link your 2B to the StimBroker service, and wait for your friend to click the link you sent them.

Step 9

When your friend clicks the link, they'll see the LiveStim page. They need to click Connect, and then click Stim after selecting your nickname from the list of users.

Step 10

You'll be asked if you want to accept the connection. Once you do, your friend has control of your 2B via their web browser.

Once you've done it once, just follow steps 7 to 10 the next time you want someone else take control of your electro box. Want to more about it all? Check the FAQ.