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Remote estim made easy

The E-Stim Systems 2B is a powerful electro box, which can be controlled from your computer. You can even connect from one computer to another for remote control over the internet. However, that can often mean a lot of fiddling around trying to configure your broadband router, and changing firewall settings - and those could be different for each place you visit.

StimBroker makes all this easy. It's designed to work with my own apps for the 2B, which are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. StimBroker makes the connections for you, and all you have to do is turn on StimBroker in the app, enter your id, and click the Connect button. No firewall config, no tricky settings to worry about - just a user id, and that's it.

You can even send someone a link by email, WhatsApp or however you like, that will let them control your electro box from their web browser, without any configuration necessary on their part.

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How it works

Most internet connections are designed to allow you to connect to things outside your home, but make it hard for other things to connect to you. That's why allowing someone to link to your 2B (or your PlayStation, or other devices) often requires changing firewall or router settings, and discovering things like your correct IP address. With StimBroker, both ends of the connection contact this server, and the server then links together the correct two people and passes messages between them. It makes remote estim as simple as it can be.

You can try it out for twosix weeks, to see if you find it useful - and, indeed, if you even like remote estim. After that, I ask that people make a donation, which works out at roughly the cost of a pint of beer a month, to help towards the time and effort in creating the apps that use this service, and the cost of hosting it. Find out more in the FAQ or check the Quick Guide to see how easy it is to get up and running.

Cornoavirus: Quarantined? Have some fun on me

If you or your loved ones are having to stay at home or in quarantine during the pandemic, why not try a little remote electro fun to help pass the time? To assist, I have made the following changes:

  • If you have an existing subscription, it has been extended by six weeks. Thank you for your support.
  • If you have a subscription that previously expired, it is now valid again, until 30th April
  • If you create a new subscription, the free try-out period is now six weeks, instead of two
StimBroker takes your privacy seriously

We need your email address to create an account on StimBroker, but we promise never to pass it on to anyone. We won't reveal whether or not a particular email address has an account, and we've tried to make sure you can't work that out by requesting a new password, for example. We don't record the commands sent between apps and estim boxes, and while we have to keep a record of connections to the StimBroker, to help fix technical problems, information is deleted after seven days. We will never reveal whom you have linked to using the StimBroker. All connections to StimBroker, both via this website and via the StimBroker service itself use secure connections over the internet, so other people cannot see what you are doing.